Weekend Breaks in Cumbria and the Lake District

For a fun filled and active weekend break, there are few holiday destinations to compete compared with the Lake District. Book a good quality holiday cottage for your long weekend break and use it as a base to return to at night after doing all the exciting outdoor activities that Cumbria has on its doorstep.

Canoeing on Lake Windermere

Canoeing on Lake Windermere

We all know about the lakes and hear how wonderful the views of Lake Windermere are if staying nearby. Did you know that there are boating and activity centres all around the lake?

Take the family canoeing, rowing or sailing a yacht. There are bicycles to hire, including the new electric bikes that take the hard work out of hills. Riding a bicycle along Cumbrian country roads is a perfect pace for taking in the beautiful landscapes. The Eskdale Valley is a peaceful and very green place for a cycling holiday surrounded by rocky hills and sheep farms.

There are traffic free cycle paths around many Lakeland towns and villages including Grasmere. Stop and take a rest from cycling or walking to take tea and scones at one of several eateries in Grasmere. The garden centre has a cafe that sells a very good cream tea with enormous scones.

Ride the steam gondola on Lake Coniston

Ride the steam gondola on Lake Coniston

All of the lakes offer something to do whether it is sailing a steam gondola on Coniston, hiring a motor boat or simply going for a paddle. Arrive early at Coniston to take advantage of the few free parking spaces otherwise park at the school in the village and walk over to the lake.

Esthwaite Fishery is really good for an afternoon fishing for trout

Esthwaite Fishery is really good for an afternoon fishing for trout

There is fly and coarse fishing on many of the lakes.  Try Esthwaite Trout Fishery for a fishing package that includes a boat, fishing equipment and tuition. It offers good value for families.

Take the children for a paddle in one of the clear bubbling streams that runs through the Wrynose Pass. Kids can have great fun in the shallow water.

Go Ape in Grizedale Forest, Cumbria

Try Go Ape in Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, during your weekend break

The Go Ape aerial challenges test anyone over the age of ten brave enough to try them. Children love trying the challenges and often fare better than adults. Find this in Grizedale Forest, also mountain biking and orienteering.

Where in the Lake District would you like to find a holiday cottage or log cabin?

Where in the Lake District would you like to find a holiday cottage or log cabin?

Perhaps pony trekking is your scene? Take to the saddle and ride sedately through woodland and countryside. The Lake District is stunning – an amazing outdoor recreational area for children and adults alike. Rent a country cottage or log cabin in the Lake District and come and have a healthy active holiday.

Self-catering cottages UK

The British love self-catering holidays. Lots of people do it, from couples, families to large groups of people in clubs and societies.

Essentially it is accommodation only holidays; people rent a cottage, pine lodge, bunk house, chalet, mansion, castle or whatever else they are attracted to and can afford. It is then up to them to arrange and prepare their own meals.

Self-catering holiday cottages

Self-catering holiday cottages

There are several reasons why this form of accommodation is so popular with the British and the main one has to be cost. Cooking in a holiday home means avoiding the high cost of eateries and this is very important for groups of walkers, bird watchers or cyclists who like to get away several times a year to pursue their hobby and keeping costs low allows them to afford that.

Beds in self-catering accommodation are made up as they would be in hotels or B&Bs, people simply need to arrive, unpack and sort out their food and drink.

Nowadays, in the age of supermarket deliveries and online shopping, an oder can be delivered staright to the accommodation without any hassle. Some people prefer to arrive and shop, other to bring food with them.

Pet-friendly holiday lets

The next largest group of people who always stay in self-catering holiday accommodation are dog owners. For them, accommodation that allows their dogs to stay with them is a big weight off their minds. They can then relax and enjoy their holiday with the dog or dogs.

Pet-friendly holiday lets

Pet-friendly holiday lets

Another group of people who really appreciate self-catering are those who may be allergic to food and have to avoid certain foods, such as coeliacs. Vegetarians may also prefer sorting out their own meals because they can be sure of avoiding animal products.

Self-catering cottages

Self-catering cottages of all types and sizes can be found through Britain and Ireland. There is a range from simple and clean up to 5 star luxurious, really something to suit every budget and style.

Top 5 locations for a hen party

One of the beaches for funNumber 1) Benidorm. This place is superb for those who to tan during the day and then party during the night. The beach in Benidorm is 5 km long, with shallow water for a quick dip before going to the tanning bed to get that glow. The seafood there is sublime and is fresh, so order a platter and watch the sun go down before heading to the nightclubs. The nightclubs there are good, with karaoke so you can sing your heart out, then go back to the beach for a night walk or go to other clubs, and continue the night.


One of the many exhilerating viewsNumber 2) Malta. This place is excellent for those who are after more culture than Benidorm, but still want that vibrant nightlife. The beaches are easily accessible, so you can go to a different one each day, as the island is small. To really go for it though, sail to Comino and swim in the blue lagoon where the movie swept away was filmed. Head down Valetta for some fine dining in a chic restaurant during the day and prepare yourself for the night. The nightclubs are amazing, but head to the biggest one for the more vibrant atmosphere or go to so city club for views all over the terrace while you are partying the night away


One of the views at nightNumber 3) Barcelona. The perfect place for getting some culture from the city, but also for letting some steam off. The beaches to this place are excellent, with le barcelonete being the most urban beach, making this weekend break almost a city and beach break combined. The dining capabilities here are huge, with seafood and Greek to Italian and even some British food. The nightlife is also widely ranged, meaning that you can effectively club hop from place to place and could end up at Mondo club for a breath-taking view of the harbour and the boats.


one of the places for beach volleyballNumber 4) Majorca. Famous for its vibrant nightlife, it is also a place for fun during the day. On the beaches you can either walk, play water sports, or if you feel like it, beach volleyball. There are Spanish traditional restaurants that you can dine in and other more local ones for a nice dinner before the night arrives and you can set off for the clubs. For the night, you can party in one of the biggest nightclubs in Europe, drink lots of shots and dress up in fancy dress for the last night of freedom being single.


ONe of the many views at nightNumber 5) Algarve. A beautiful place focused on relaxation for the day and a very vibrant nightlife. The beaches In this place are stunning, with blue flag beaches and covens, perfect for tanning evenly for the big day, and you can do water sports, walking, even paragliding. The dining there is great, with fresh local seafood all along the beach and other traditional dishes on offer, with a specialty of grilled sardines, which go brilliantly with a squeeze of lemon and a big salad. The nightlife there is large, with clubs all around, and one bar having a bucking bronco, for a night of laughter.

Top 5 locations for a weekend break in the UK and Ireland

IMAG0002Number 1) the Lake District, yes even though it may rain a lot there, if you can get out when it isn’t, you can climb any mountain or hill you see, and the view from the peaks of them is breath-taking and it is a sight that you will never forget for the entirety of your life. You can hike, cycle, walk, go out on the water or even just stay home and watch the sun rise out of the sandy coastline every morning

one of the exhilerating views that you can get from corkNumber 2) County cork. This place is beautiful by itself, but the most amazing place would be at sunrise on lough hyne, watching as the sun turns a lake of water almost into glittering silver and looking at such a memorable scene might even bring a tear to the eye in your kayak, you can also stroll around the lakeside, swim, kayak and even climb hills there. Fishing is also allowed there but not close to the pier if that is what you want to spend the weekend doing

just one of the many places that you can see Number 3) Cambridge. There are several things that you can do when in Cambridge, like look at the galleries for the art; you could take a walk around the town to take in the sights and sounds. Go to the theatre to listen to the orchestras or the local performance going on at the time. You could even have a picnic in the park or watch the city from a cycle around it. Either way, this place is beautiful for a weekend away

one of the amazing viewsNumber 4) The Aran islands near Galway. This place can easily take your breath away, and the hotel is a brilliant place for a weekend break as it is almost mystifying to explore and look at the island itself, if it is through a walk, a stroll, or even cycling, you will love this place and you will want to come back to it again

Number 5) the island Skye in Scotland. This place has some amazing mountains for you to one of the mountains that you can climbclimb and is an extremely fun place to spend your weekend and once you get to the top of them, you are rewarded for your efforts with a view that some would pay to see. This place can also be of use for those who like to walk and can stroll around the island, taking in the good view as they walk.

In total, all of these places are awesome places to go for a weekend away and I suggest that you go to all of them at least at one time in your life.

For more information on travelling in the UK and further afield, we recommend that you take a look at Traveling Pages Travel Guide.

Best locations for a stag do

Ibiza There are many reasons why Ibiza is the best country for a stag party; here I am going to talk about a few:
1) The space club a nightclub voted best club in the world consecutively for the past 5 years a ticket can cost up to 70euros but the tribe Ibiza package makes it more affordable

2) Because of the magnificent sunrise hundreds of people take the walk everyday along the beach just to witness the incredible sunrise that really amazes everyone

3) The history a story that goes back thousands of years the Phoenicians who arrived in 654bc declared that the islands red soil was magic naming it ibosim island of Bes.

4) because of tapas Ibiza has an incredible European culture and food goes hand in hand with that tapas seems to suit the Ibiza niche. The food is very unique and amazing!

5) The amnesia cannon; it costs over 2,000 euros every time it goes off, but it’s worth every cent the first time you here that cannon it literally blows you away.

I highly recommend you visit Ibiza definitely if your visiting for a stag party as Ibiza is the best country for parties it’s known for the best nightclubs as well. The downside of visiting Ibiza is the drinks are extremely expensive 10 euro’s for a beer the only thing I can recommend is to purchase your drinks from supermarkets before you go out this way you will save a lot of money. There are plenty of brilliant hotels, villas and cottages to stay in when you are in Ibiza both affordable and classy. The hot weather only adds to the great experience tourists get when they visit Ibiza

Destinations For Families

Destinations For Families7589

Cornwall If you are looking for a wonderful town full of kind hearted people then Cornwall is the place for you, on the coast of England, Cornwall hosts thousands and thousands of satisfied visitors every year.

Places to eat with lots of great restaurants serving food from all over the world and also local home grown foods, there really is something for everyone.

Places to stay With many hotels and bnb’s across Cornwall finding a suitable accommodation will not be a problem. There is plenty of good quality holiday accommodation specialising in catering for families with children looking for something affordable also couples or adult only accommodation, for people looking to get away from it all on a romantic getaway.  Some of the nicest places to stay in Cornwall are holiday cottages and pine lodges set in their own private gardens. It is the English equivalent of a villa break and a swimming pool is sometimes included in the most expensive properties.

No matter who you are or who you’re going with your very likely to find the right accommodation.

Things to do Depending on when you’re going the weather is most of the time very good in Cornwall, summer is the best time to visit with the weather is truly magnificent the sun shines down on the light blue see creating an amazing view. With the Cornwall coastline stretching over 250 miles it has no shortage of wonderful beaches and coves, they range from secluded barely accessible rocky coves to large expanses of golden sand on the Atlantic coast. If you enjoy surfing you should check out the forecast before visiting usually the surfing conditions are fantastic massive e=waves reaching up to 11 metres high Cornwall is the surfing capitol. Even if surfing is not your thing there are still plenty of reasons why you would enjoy Cornwall’s brilliant beaches relaxing in the sun sipping at cold drink or enjoying an ice cream with the kids being just one. If you are into sport this could definitely be another reason why you would want to visit Cornwall as there are many brilliant sporting facilities to enjoy including the Cornwall golf course one of the best golf courses in the UK and is host to over 30,000 visitors every year making it the most visited location in the UK.

Scotland: Mountain biking, Fishing, Watching Festival’s, Kayaking, Surfing and Sailing are just a few fun activities you can do when you visit Scotland. With a stunning landscape filled with trees, hills, lochs and flowing rivers. Whether you’re visiting with family, friends or a partner there is no end to the fun you can get up to. There are also many free activities to do in Scotland like visiting the fascinating art galleries and spectacular museums for free!
Places to stay Looking for somewhere to stay? Finding the right accommodation in Scotland is easy with so many lovely holiday cottages, log cabins, B*Bs to choose from, everyone can find Scottish holiday accommodation to meet their preferences.  Stay in family self-catering cottages, Scotland Landscapedog friendly, golf and romantic pine lodges available in Scotland.

One hotel well recommended is the Jury’s inn at the heart of Edinburgh awarded hotel of the year 2011/2012 this 4* hotel is perfect for families as its affordable but still a brilliant hotel with outdoor and indoor swimming pools

Places to eat there are many of brilliant restaurants to dine at in Scotland you can enjoy food from all over the world and also locally produced food. Scotland produces a huge variety of food due to the clean environment, moderate climate and agricultural areas some of the great foods Scotland produce are: beef, Lamb, Seafood, Game, Dairy Products, Vegetables and Fruits, Cereals and honey as you can see there is no shortage to fresh wholesome foods regardless of where you stay in Scotland.


Romantic Destinations for Weekend Breaks

When it comes to romantic getaways, there are so many wonderful places to visit in the world. For most people living in the UK and Ireland though, the only feasible options are at home and in Europe where there are short flights available.
We’ve come up with our suggestion of 5 top places for romantic breaks. Please note that this is not a definitive guide and is rather a suggestion of some of our favourite places which we think might inspire you too.
Top 5 Places for Romantic Weekend Breaks

1.    Edinburgh
With fine historical buildings including an impressive historical castle, a fantastic choice of bars, restaurants and shops, Edinburgh has plenty to recommend it for romantic breaks. Walk hand in hand whilst exploring the castle or book a candle lit dinner for two to experience the city at its best whilst on your weekend break.
2.    Paris
With the Eiffel Tower, museums, the Seine and famous historical buildings, Paris has to be one of the top places for romantic breaks. To make your weekend break in this arty city all the more romantic why not rent a place with a four poster bed? Or book a night out at a high end restaurant where you can both enjoy being treated to something special.
3.    Athens
Usually known as a favourite destination for Culture Lovers with its impressive ancient history and ancient buildings such as the Acropolis, along with various other temples, it is little known that Athens is also a wonderful place for romance. Seeing the Acropolis at night is very romantic and the Greeks excel when it comes to bars with romantic lighting so is a great place for ‘relighting the fire’ on a romantic escape.
4.    Bath
With a fantastic selection of fine historical buildings, combined with a beautiful river and Roman Baths which inspire the imagination, as well as fine dining, cafes and excellent shops, Bath is perfect for romantic breaks. In order to make your stay all the more romantic consider booking a place to stay with a hot tub or some other romantic feature.
5.    Dublin
The city of Dublin with its European feel, river, bars, charming streets and general friendly feel, is a great place to experience as a couple. Enjoy exploring the historical sites together and kissing under the stars with a stay in this Irish city.

West Pitt Farm (England, Devon, Tiverton)

Complex of family holiday cottages located in Devon in the West Country with shared leisure faciliting including an indoor heated swimming pool and tennis court. For fishing, walking and cycling this is a great place to stay as there are ample opportunities close by.

There are a variety of different size cottages to choose from, including sleeps 2 and larger holiday homes. Large groups may be interested in booking all the cottages together.

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Owl Cottage, The Lake District And Cumbria

This is a lovely small cottage that sleeps 2 just outside the Lake District National Park in Cumbria.

This is a period cottage with plenty of interesting historical features. Come and finvestigate local history during your holiday. We cannot promise a ghost but thereare plenty of other intriguing facts to discover.

Appleby is a good base for a Lake District holiday, perhaps not as touristy or expensive as central national park but that does also have some advantages. The local pubs and restaurants charge normal rates which all helps to make your Lake District holiday more pleasant.

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Gwelfor Barn Coastal Cottage, Llangoed Near Beaumaris, North Wales

Beautiful romantic barn conversion with a luxurious interior in a lovely rustic setting. The barn sleeps 2 people in luxurious surroundings. Enjoy a tranquil getaway with fabulous views and your own small garden and patio.

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