Romantic Destinations for Weekend Breaks

When it comes to romantic getaways, there are so many wonderful places to visit in the world. For most people living in the UK and Ireland though, the only feasible options are at home and in Europe where there are short flights available.
We’ve come up with our suggestion of 5 top places for romantic breaks. Please note that this is not a definitive guide and is rather a suggestion of some of our favourite places which we think might inspire you too.
Top 5 Places for Romantic Weekend Breaks

1.    Edinburgh
With fine historical buildings including an impressive historical castle, a fantastic choice of bars, restaurants and shops, Edinburgh has plenty to recommend it for romantic breaks. Walk hand in hand whilst exploring the castle or book a candle lit dinner for two to experience the city at its best whilst on your weekend break.
2.    Paris
With the Eiffel Tower, museums, the Seine and famous historical buildings, Paris has to be one of the top places for romantic breaks. To make your weekend break in this arty city all the more romantic why not rent a place with a four poster bed? Or book a night out at a high end restaurant where you can both enjoy being treated to something special.
3.    Athens
Usually known as a favourite destination for Culture Lovers with its impressive ancient history and ancient buildings such as the Acropolis, along with various other temples, it is little known that Athens is also a wonderful place for romance. Seeing the Acropolis at night is very romantic and the Greeks excel when it comes to bars with romantic lighting so is a great place for ‘relighting the fire’ on a romantic escape.
4.    Bath
With a fantastic selection of fine historical buildings, combined with a beautiful river and Roman Baths which inspire the imagination, as well as fine dining, cafes and excellent shops, Bath is perfect for romantic breaks. In order to make your stay all the more romantic consider booking a place to stay with a hot tub or some other romantic feature.
5.    Dublin
The city of Dublin with its European feel, river, bars, charming streets and general friendly feel, is a great place to experience as a couple. Enjoy exploring the historical sites together and kissing under the stars with a stay in this Irish city.

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