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Best locations for a stag do

Ibiza There are many reasons why Ibiza is the best country for a stag party; here I am going to talk about a few:
1) The space club a nightclub voted best club in the world consecutively for the past 5 years a ticket can cost up to 70euros but the tribe Ibiza package makes it more affordable

2) Because of the magnificent sunrise hundreds of people take the walk everyday along the beach just to witness the incredible sunrise that really amazes everyone

3) The history a story that goes back thousands of years the Phoenicians who arrived in 654bc declared that the islands red soil was magic naming it ibosim island of Bes.

4) because of tapas Ibiza has an incredible European culture and food goes hand in hand with that tapas seems to suit the Ibiza niche. The food is very unique and amazing!

5) The amnesia cannon; it costs over 2,000 euros every time it goes off, but it’s worth every cent the first time you here that cannon it literally blows you away.

I highly recommend you visit Ibiza definitely if your visiting for a stag party as Ibiza is the best country for parties it’s known for the best nightclubs as well. The downside of visiting Ibiza is the drinks are extremely expensive 10 euro’s for a beer the only thing I can recommend is to purchase your drinks from supermarkets before you go out this way you will save a lot of money. There are plenty of brilliant hotels, villas and cottages to stay in when you are in Ibiza both affordable and classy. The hot weather only adds to the great experience tourists get when they visit Ibiza