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Top 5 locations for a weekend break in the UK and Ireland

IMAG0002Number 1) the Lake District, yes even though it may rain a lot there, if you can get out when it isn’t, you can climb any mountain or hill you see, and the view from the peaks of them is breath-taking and it is a sight that you will never forget for the entirety of your life. You can hike, cycle, walk, go out on the water or even just stay home and watch the sun rise out of the sandy coastline every morning

one of the exhilerating views that you can get from corkNumber 2) County cork. This place is beautiful by itself, but the most amazing place would be at sunrise on lough hyne, watching as the sun turns a lake of water almost into glittering silver and looking at such a memorable scene might even bring a tear to the eye in your kayak, you can also stroll around the lakeside, swim, kayak and even climb hills there. Fishing is also allowed there but not close to the pier if that is what you want to spend the weekend doing

just one of the many places that you can see Number 3) Cambridge. There are several things that you can do when in Cambridge, like look at the galleries for the art; you could take a walk around the town to take in the sights and sounds. Go to the theatre to listen to the orchestras or the local performance going on at the time. You could even have a picnic in the park or watch the city from a cycle around it. Either way, this place is beautiful for a weekend away

one of the amazing viewsNumber 4) The Aran islands near Galway. This place can easily take your breath away, and the hotel is a brilliant place for a weekend break as it is almost mystifying to explore and look at the island itself, if it is through a walk, a stroll, or even cycling, you will love this place and you will want to come back to it again

Number 5) the island Skye in Scotland. This place has some amazing mountains for you to one of the mountains that you can climbclimb and is an extremely fun place to spend your weekend and once you get to the top of them, you are rewarded for your efforts with a view that some would pay to see. This place can also be of use for those who like to walk and can stroll around the island, taking in the good view as they walk.

In total, all of these places are awesome places to go for a weekend away and I suggest that you go to all of them at least at one time in your life.

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