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Top 5 locations for a hen party

One of the beaches for funNumber 1) Benidorm. This place is superb for those who to tan during the day and then party during the night. The beach in Benidorm is 5 km long, with shallow water for a quick dip before going to the tanning bed to get that glow. The seafood there is sublime and is fresh, so order a platter and watch the sun go down before heading to the nightclubs. The nightclubs there are good, with karaoke so you can sing your heart out, then go back to the beach for a night walk or go to other clubs, and continue the night.


One of the many exhilerating viewsNumber 2) Malta. This place is excellent for those who are after more culture than Benidorm, but still want that vibrant nightlife. The beaches are easily accessible, so you can go to a different one each day, as the island is small. To really go for it though, sail to Comino and swim in the blue lagoon where the movie swept away was filmed. Head down Valetta for some fine dining in a chic restaurant during the day and prepare yourself for the night. The nightclubs are amazing, but head to the biggest one for the more vibrant atmosphere or go to so city club for views all over the terrace while you are partying the night away


One of the views at nightNumber 3) Barcelona. The perfect place for getting some culture from the city, but also for letting some steam off. The beaches to this place are excellent, with le barcelonete being the most urban beach, making this weekend break almost a city and beach break combined. The dining capabilities here are huge, with seafood and Greek to Italian and even some British food. The nightlife is also widely ranged, meaning that you can effectively club hop from place to place and could end up at Mondo club for a breath-taking view of the harbour and the boats.


one of the places for beach volleyballNumber 4) Majorca. Famous for its vibrant nightlife, it is also a place for fun during the day. On the beaches you can either walk, play water sports, or if you feel like it, beach volleyball. There are Spanish traditional restaurants that you can dine in and other more local ones for a nice dinner before the night arrives and you can set off for the clubs. For the night, you can party in one of the biggest nightclubs in Europe, drink lots of shots and dress up in fancy dress for the last night of freedom being single.


ONe of the many views at nightNumber 5) Algarve. A beautiful place focused on relaxation for the day and a very vibrant nightlife. The beaches In this place are stunning, with blue flag beaches and covens, perfect for tanning evenly for the big day, and you can do water sports, walking, even paragliding. The dining there is great, with fresh local seafood all along the beach and other traditional dishes on offer, with a specialty of grilled sardines, which go brilliantly with a squeeze of lemon and a big salad. The nightlife there is large, with clubs all around, and one bar having a bucking bronco, for a night of laughter.