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Destinations For Families

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Cornwall If you are looking for a wonderful town full of kind hearted people then Cornwall is the place for you, on the coast of England, Cornwall hosts thousands and thousands of satisfied visitors every year.

Places to eat with lots of great restaurants serving food from all over the world and also local home grown foods, there really is something for everyone.

Places to stay With many hotels and bnb’s across Cornwall finding a suitable accommodation will not be a problem. There is plenty of good quality holiday accommodation specialising in catering for families with children looking for something affordable also couples or adult only accommodation, for people looking to get away from it all on a romantic getaway.  Some of the nicest places to stay in Cornwall are holiday cottages and pine lodges set in their own private gardens. It is the English equivalent of a villa break and a swimming pool is sometimes included in the most expensive properties.

No matter who you are or who you’re going with your very likely to find the right accommodation.

Things to do Depending on when you’re going the weather is most of the time very good in Cornwall, summer is the best time to visit with the weather is truly magnificent the sun shines down on the light blue see creating an amazing view. With the Cornwall coastline stretching over 250 miles it has no shortage of wonderful beaches and coves, they range from secluded barely accessible rocky coves to large expanses of golden sand on the Atlantic coast. If you enjoy surfing you should check out the forecast before visiting usually the surfing conditions are fantastic massive e=waves reaching up to 11 metres high Cornwall is the surfing capitol. Even if surfing is not your thing there are still plenty of reasons why you would enjoy Cornwall’s brilliant beaches relaxing in the sun sipping at cold drink or enjoying an ice cream with the kids being just one. If you are into sport this could definitely be another reason why you would want to visit Cornwall as there are many brilliant sporting facilities to enjoy including the Cornwall golf course one of the best golf courses in the UK and is host to over 30,000 visitors every year making it the most visited location in the UK.

Scotland: Mountain biking, Fishing, Watching Festival’s, Kayaking, Surfing and Sailing are just a few fun activities you can do when you visit Scotland. With a stunning landscape filled with trees, hills, lochs and flowing rivers. Whether you’re visiting with family, friends or a partner there is no end to the fun you can get up to. There are also many free activities to do in Scotland like visiting the fascinating art galleries and spectacular museums for free!
Places to stay Looking for somewhere to stay? Finding the right accommodation in Scotland is easy with so many lovely holiday cottages, log cabins, B*Bs to choose from, everyone can find Scottish holiday accommodation to meet their preferences.  Stay in family self-catering cottages, Scotland Landscapedog friendly, golf and romantic pine lodges available in Scotland.

One hotel well recommended is the Jury’s inn at the heart of Edinburgh awarded hotel of the year 2011/2012 this 4* hotel is perfect for families as its affordable but still a brilliant hotel with outdoor and indoor swimming pools

Places to eat there are many of brilliant restaurants to dine at in Scotland you can enjoy food from all over the world and also locally produced food. Scotland produces a huge variety of food due to the clean environment, moderate climate and agricultural areas some of the great foods Scotland produce are: beef, Lamb, Seafood, Game, Dairy Products, Vegetables and Fruits, Cereals and honey as you can see there is no shortage to fresh wholesome foods regardless of where you stay in Scotland.